St. Jerome's CYO Sports Program
        St. Jerome's CYO Sports Program

Fall 2021 CYO Sports Registration


St. Jerome's CYO offers Soccer for boys and girls ages 5-14 and Cross Country for ages 6-14.


NOTE:  It is possible to participate in both Soccer and Cross Country.  However, please fill out the form twice if that is the case.  

Soccer:  Soccer is offered for boys and girls ages 5-14.   Practices are normally after school at Driskell Park (formerly Magruder Park).  The season will begin in late August or early September and it runs through October.  Games times TBD but will be on weekends.  
Cross CountryCross country is a sport in which participants run races across natural terrain.  Participants place individually, but can also be a part of a team.  A team consists of five individuals in one division.  The place of each finisher determines the number of points the team receives.  Like in golf, the lowest scoring team wins.  A "perfect" cross country score would be 15, meaning that the five team members crossed first thru fifth place.  In cross country, EVERYONE participates in all practices and races - there are NO BENCH WARMERS!  The focus is on self improvement, setting goals, and striving for each individual to be the best runner they can be.  Races are typically on Sunday afternoons from Sept-October.  
NOTE:  All Sports will follow the COVID rules and regulations that are in place at each practice and game/meet location.  This could mean required masks for spectators or limited crowds.  COVID protocols are NOT an acceptable reason to ask for a refund unless a sport is cancelled.  


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