St. Jerome's CYO Sports Program
        St. Jerome's CYO Sports Program

Sundays in The Ville Returns April 11th!!

Have you ever wished that today's young basketball players could experience the "old school" playground pick-up games that we had when we were their age?  Four years ago, we decided to bring old fashioned pick-up ball back for the kids in a safe environment.  And thus, Sundays in the Ville was born!  Below are more details about our pick-up games...

  • When:  We do three groups each Sunday:  1p-3p: Rising 6th and 7th graders.  3pm-5pm Rising 8th.  5pm-7pm:  Rising 9th and 10th (some elite level rising 8th graders by invitation only)
  • Where:  St Jerome's Gym in Hyattsville MD
  • Directors:  Joe Sego, Head Varsity Coach and AD at St. Jeromes.  Tyler Hubbard, CEO HoopFit Elite and Head Trainer, St Jeromes
  • Format:  pre-registration is usually limited to 15-16 players.  Games are run to 9pts or 9 minutes.  Winners stay on to a max of 3 straight games.  Score keepers are provided.  Players call their own fouls.  We teach kids to call fouls appropriately and learn to respect each other's calls.  
  • Skill Level:  All players should be advanced to elite level
  • The Parent Rule:   This is our most FUNdamental rule:  Parents are NOT allowed to coach their kids from the stands.  Our games are meant to afford the kids a platform to play for fun, to work on new skills and to compete without the pressure from a parent or a coach.  If you know that you cannot abide by this rule....these pickup games are probably not where you want to be.  
  • Player Conduct:  We have a zero tolerance policy for fighting, foul language, taunting, or being disrespectful toward any adult in the gym.  If a player cannot behave, they will not be asked back.  
  • Cost:  $5 per player must be paid PRIOR to the Sunday they want to participate.  Payment by CashApp and PayPal only
  • How to Register for the First Time or for Brand New Players:   
    • A waiver MUST be filled out...only once for the 2021 year.  Found at
    • Once you are registered, you will be sent information on payment.  PLEASE remember to note your kid's name in any electronic fund transaction.
    • Once payment is received, you will receive confirmation via text.  
  • Subsequent Registration:  On Wednesday of each subsequent week, I will send an invitation to those that participated in the prior Sunday.  Everyone has 24 hours to reply and pay to lock their place in.  After 24 hours, we will open it up to new players.  
  • Participation Limits:  We cap pre-registration at 15-16 per session each week.  
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