St. Jerome's CYO Sports Program
        St. Jerome's CYO Sports Program

Online Registration Instructions

Please follow steps carefully


  1. The following directions are for NEW USERS to Sports Pilot.  If you have used the system before, simply log-in with your credentials from previous registrations.  
  2. Access Sports Pilot HERE
  3. Click on Create a New Account.
  4. Fill in all starred fields with PARENT INFORMATION.   Click on SUBMIT
  5. To add children to your account, click on Add Member.  Fill in all relevant information just as before.
  6. Click on Begin Registration and click on the participants name you are registering.
  7. Click on the appropriate sport, then select the appropriate level if applicable.
  8. On the “Select Participant Role” screen, click on the green box to proceed
  9. Please read the Terms of Service and click “I Accept” if you choose to proceed.
  10. Fill in the remaining starred fields and click Continue.  If you are confused about certain questions, do not worry.  We can always edit your answers.  Completing the registration is the most important thing.
  11. Confirm all information is correct and select CONTINUE
  12. You will see the player fee listed.  Click on CHECKOUT.  Please pay immediately by Credit Card if possible.
  13. Under Select Payment Type  select Credit\Debit to pay immediately.  
  14. Click on CHECKOUT and your registration is complete!!!  If you need to register another child, click on RETURN TO ACCOUNT
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